Are we Really that behind on education?

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have to touch on this topic, because it is the most important subject to get started on.  Since we are so focused on “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND,” let’s really talk about it. I have to honestly say that the education that I received was not that good. I graduated high school in Las Vegas, NV in 1990. At that time, I was writing material at a 7th grade level. I wanted to go to college, but my grades were not that good and I couldn’t afford to pay for it. I did take out a student loan to study at a trade school which no longer exsists and couldn’t get a job for what I studied. Go figure!!!! I now owe more than $23,000.00 for a career that I was never able to get started and still trying to pay it of.  I was working in retail and decided that since I was getting no where with the career that I studied for, I started up the corporate ladder to find myself blindsided by a bunch of women that were willing to tear me apart in order to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, not very many people have the same drive as others and what they do to protect their position is lie, gossip and tear down the good people. 

I am sure that there are hundreds even thousands of stories just like mine out there.  But really, what I would like to know is how we let other countries beat us out on education. Most of the population in the US is filled with drop outs, who fall victims to drugs, crime and violence. This is the way they learn to survive. Look at Japan for a moment and study how they all have gone to school, but have learned a trade. We need to structure a curriculum that our future children have inspiration to invent things and run a business.

America!!! Where are companies that are made in the USA??? Most or all of them have gone overseas.  They pay a lot less to produce products out of the US and the quality is not good. I find myself throwing a lot of things away, because they fall apart. What happened to American made. We need to start bringing in to the curriculum, things that are going to be useful to our children so they can find a better job when they graduate. Become better people in life. 

I know this is like a catch 22, but instead of taking money away from teachers and away from schools. Invest in our schools and provide the education that we really need to learn. Engineering from middle school forward. Learning how to build the electronics and troubleshooting problems. Have an actual factory in the US again… IPODS, PHONES, COMPUTERS… you know what I mean.

Here today you will find everyone complaining about the problem, but not doing anything. No one is willing to start putting in the financial backing that is needed to get things going. Instead, you see millions thrown away on running politician screaming out how they are going to make changes and fight for what needs to be done and when they win.  NOTHING!!! There you have it.  Now you hear that the 2012 elections are coming around and how many millions each one is willing to spend to win.  Are you people serious!!!  Come on. Put money where it will be better usefull. I tell you, the person that is more responsible with is money would be the correct person to run for office. I will get more in detail as they days go by.  There is just so much that needs to be discussed. But we need to start by speaking up and making changes, by being active in everything that has to do with our laws and what goes on in our own back yard.  Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.  Most of them are just destroying themselves and the millions being spent to help everyone else is killing us.  We need to worry about us.

I hope this got you geared up to start doing some research in how we can be a part of a real change.


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