Don’t lose it!!! There is a better life ahead, put your trouble in GODs hands…

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I find it saddening that this women drove her car into the river with her 3 children.  I know things can get hard to deal with, but this is not the answer. I had tough time with the father of my children where he even threatened to kill me and the authorities would do nothing about it. Even with a recording of him telling me this. At times, I felt that I was all alone. I lost my job, do to the fact of him calling my workplace and harassing me and calling my boss and lying to her about me. The courts did nothing. I thought my world was going to end, but I hung in there and now today, I have a new career and business is booming.  My children unfortunately live with their father, because I am still trying to get an apartment, but I have my health and my children have their health. Soon, they will be with me again, I just do my best to make the best of it when I spend time with them and we are closer now than ever. They are older and they understand things even better. They are waking up to the horrible things their father did to me.


You see??? I put things in Gods hands and he has been putting things in their place. Remember, he will punish harder than we ever can. Payback is a bitch!!! I am just trying to appreciate life and work as hard as I can while I still have my health and be ready for when I can have my kids come and live with me. Not because the courts choose to, but because they want to come and live with me.


I wish that the law would take things more seriously, maybe I would not have had to go through what I went through.


Government Shutdown!!!!

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Most people may not like it. I think that there is even a better solution. All of these senates should be cutting their own salaries as well as the president.  They are expecting to make budget cuts and cut more jobs and raise more taxes.  I say we take America back. If they want to meet to disagree and waiste time and money.  They could do this by conference calls or video conferences from home. No more flying or spending time in a building taking up space and wasting electricity if they are always disagreeing.


There are so many ways we can teach them to cut back that they would be stunned. I say cut all of their income to the amount the average American makes. You tell me if they are going to be happy about that one.  Let’s make them feel what we are feeling.  Counting your pennies to put gas or buy lunch or clothes for your kids.  I want to see what other budget cuts they will be making after they get a taste of what the average American is going through.


Start creating jobs where the upper management is making less than the worker who are really making the money for them.  Bringing back benefits and retirement even stronger.  We the American’s need to start demanding more.  Take our troops for instance.  Overseas!!!  Fighting a war that is no longer ours and yet it is costing us money and lives of our children.  Bring our boys and girls home and you will save millions right there.  We should only be interested if they try to hurt us again like the 9/11 incident.  Having our troops here and working is millions more cost efective than having them fight somewhere else.


I have so many other ideas where we can save this country millions and not hurting work, but producing work. Let’s cut through the red tape and get things happening again.  Where are all of our factories??? Overseas.


We should be ashamed to buy things for actors and artists who have clothing and perfume and who knows how many other things.  Ask yourself.  Is this person running their company 100% from America?  Or are they outsourcing.  Bring our businesses home.  In the next few days, I will be giving more ideas.  If you have any, please share them.

I am back…

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It has been a little busy lately. Haven’t been able to write anything but let’s see. My schedule is getting busier which is good. If you have anything you would like to comment on, I welcome your comments. The price of gas keeps going up and food as well.  Things are tight, but life goes on. It is raining here in sunny Miami today. Hot and muggy!!! How is it where you are???

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